Сфери Практики Правовий Due Diligence

Правовий Due Diligence

Jurvneshservice’s lawyers and attorneys have a strong track record of legal support for acquisition of  real estate and shares in the businesses where the property is listed.

This service supposes conduct of an audit of a real estate object that includes the study and analysis of:
– all legal documents for the object (land acquisition, approvals, permits, title documents, etc.);
– constituent documents of a company – operator of the facility;
– contracts related to the facility: lease/sublease of the whole object or its parts; contracts that mediate land relations; other current contracts;
– current and potential claims and litigation cases of third parties;
– current encumbrances.

A separate element of the legal due diligence is the financial and accounting audit to study and analyze:
– accounting and tax reporting on the accrual and payment of the tax payments;
– utility bills for arrears;
– accrual and payment of taxes related to payroll;
– payment for licenses and permits.

The legal and financial-accounting audits result with a comprehensive report with an assessment of the identified risks and ways of minimizing or eliminating them, as well as recommendations on possible ways to settle the transaction and to perform it (payments, taxes, registration, etc.).

Jurvneshservice lawyers also:
– draft contracts of sale and purchase of the facility (movable and immovable property, land, corporate and other rights);
– negotiate them with the parties to the transaction and notaries who will certify the transaction documents;
– verify extracts and other documents necessary for the performance of the contracts, shareholders’ decisions, consent of spouses, powers of attorney, etc.;
– control the closing of the transaction including all notarial and other actions related to the execution of the relevant documents (contracts, acts of acceptance and transfer, etc.), as well as made payments, lifting bans, arrests, etc, registrations to me made including filing of new revision of the company’s charter, title to the real estate object and other actions to legalize the results of the concluded agreements.