Practice Areas Doing Business in Ukraine

Doing Business in Ukraine


Corporate Services

The priorities of Jurvneshservice lawyers consist in supporting and advise of different business projects: startups, reorganization of existing company to optimize its business or to maximize the protection of shareholders’ rights. We focus on corporate dispute settlement, protection of companies’ interests or individual shareholders from “unfriendly” (raiding) attempts to seize the company or its shares in the chartered capital.

Corporate Services Tailored to Your Aims

Business chooses Jurvneshservice for its 30-year experience in the field.  Jurvneshservice lawyers provide support and assistance in spheres of corporate law and adjacent to it spheres including:

  • establishment, reorganization and dissolution of commercial and non-profit organizations;
  • support of merger and acquisition deals (M&A), including transactions with distressed entities;
  • protection from “unfriendly” takeovers;
  • corporate governance;
  • franchise;
  • corporate dispute settlement, both within judicial and extrajudicial procedures;
  • services in the area of antitrust law;
  • corporate restructuring within the same group;
  • tax planning in the field of corporate relations;
  • venture capital;
  • white collar defense.

Set up, Reorganization and Dissolution

We offer a full range of services related to the establishment of business in Ukraine. Our experience with the local market and regulatory regime that is older than independent Ukraine gives us the opportunity to advise each client on the best form of the business entity for his interests. Upon receipt of the primary information, we will prepare the statute in accordance with the client’s tasks and register the business entity. We implement a similar approach when creating non-profit organizations.

Reorganization of a legal entity may take place through its transformation, division, merger, separation or acquisition. The aforementioned forms of reorganization can be used to achieve certain business goals, including tax optimization, improvement of the management system, asset protection, development of new areas and directions of activities. There are different possibilities to restructure the business, each with its own pros and cons. After detailed legal analysis of the situation, our lawyers will recommend you the optimal way of restructuring that will result with achievement of your goals in the most effective way.

In case of reorganization by merger or acquisition, the team of Jurvneshservice lawyers carries out a comprehensive legal due diligence in order to avoid possible “surprises” such as unpaid indebtedness.

Proposed purchase contract will maximally protect new shareholder rights and interests.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Any direct or indirect acquisition or receipt in management of shares resulted with achievement or excess of 25 or 50 percent of the votes in the higher management body of the entity requires preliminary allowance of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine if the aggregate value of assets all over the world exceeds 30 million euros or in Ukraine of at least of two participants – 4 million euros; or the aggregate value of assets or sales of a Ukrainian entity that assets or shares are acquired or received in management and use exceeds 8 million euros, while the volume of sales of at least one other participant in the concentration exceeds 150 million euros. If these thresholds are not achieved M&A transactions are done without involvement of Antimonopoly Committee and that influence positively the time frame of the transaction. Jurvneshservice team is ready to assist in any M&A deal to achieve the quick results for the participants of concentration.

Your Franchise Unit Due Work

Profitable franchising is the ability to structure, maintain and control successful franchise relationships. Our multidisciplinary Franchise Team is focused on assisting both franchisors and franchisees on all aspects of franchise relationship starting from negotiation and draft of all kinds of franchise agreements to advising on registration of intellectual property rights, settlement of disputes etc.

Compliance, Governance and Liability Advice

Jurvneshservice team will assist your company to develop and implement the rules on rights and liabilities of the shareholders, board of directors and management between themselves and with their employees, customers, creditors and suppliers.

Newly adopted law On Companies with Limited and Additional Liability as of 2018 for the first time clearly lists general duties and responsibilities of a member to supervision and/or executive body of a Ukrainian limited liability company. These legislative norms make easier the task to check the governance compliance. They give Jurvneshservice lawyers possibilities to check due performance by a company’s director of his/her liabilities before the company and its shareholders and in case of any violation to start administrative or criminal investigation to prevent any loss to the company and its shareholders.

White Collar Defense

Unfortunately, white collar crimes became more often in Ukrainian business life. Due to that the company itself and its shareholders need assistance of experienced lawyers to prevent harm to the company reputation and to decrease possible losses. Jurvneshservice White Collar Defense team includes attorneys specialized in civil and criminal matters. Their advice and quick actions will stop violation and help to minimize the consequences of alleged misconduct.