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Reliable Aviation Finance Services

Jurvneshservice is a recognized leader in the aviation finance services in Ukraine whose clients benefit from the in-depth knowledge we possess. Being one of the best advisors to aviation leasing companies and financiers, we have a deep understanding of aircraft financing and our clients’ requirements in Ukraine. As aviation finance lawyers, Jurvneshservice attorneys are adaptable and understand many fields: contracts, insurance, litigation, bankruptcy, tax. Due to the field experience, Jurvneshservice attorneys develop legal recommendations designed to meet the clients’ business objectives. During advice, Jurvneshservice attorneys put a strong emphasis on practical solutions that allow reaching timely and cost-effective results.

Acquisition, Leasing and Aviation Finance Accomplishments

Jurvneshservice has already recommended itself as a team of skillful aircraft finance attorneys providing qualitative advice in aviation finance services. Our aircraft financing practice encompasses a full range of complex transactions in the domestic and cross-border acquisition, financing, and leasing of transportation assets. Our experience is extensive and includes operating leases, the U.S. and Irish tax-based leveraged leases, complex foreign and Ukrainian double-dip tax lease structures, traditional mortgage structures, securitizations, and foreign creditors aircraft financings. In connection with the rating agencies’ legal review process, Jurvneshservice provides among other things

  • legal opinions (Lex Situs Opinion and Beneficial Interest Transfer Opinion);
  • Jurisdictional and Title Transfer Questionnaires; 
  • reviewing the lease, novation, assignment and amendment agreements and interest transfer documents (as applicable); 
  • providing advice regarding the transfer procedures, transfer taxes, stamp duties or other taxes or charges associated with a transfer of an aircraft or the beneficial interest in a trust or SPV which owns a plane while the plane is on the ground or in the airspace of Ukraine;
  • lien search – in connection with the transfer and opinion, lien searches are conducted to confirm there are no liens recorded in Ukraine;
  •  AEP codes are obtained in connection with the IR registrations of the sale, novation and security listings;
  • draft and performance of mortgage agreement if the aircraft is already registered in the Ukrainian Civil Aircraft Registry

Compulsory Aircraft Repossessions and Airline Bankruptcies

Jurvneshservice frequently represents both creditors and lessors involuntary and compulsory repossessions of aircraft in Ukraine. Within the last ten years, at least ten aircraft, including those from Aerosvit, Donbassaero, and AirOnix were repossessed. All these aircraft repossessions have been made without Cape Town instruments.

As Ukrainian lessee may become insolvent, Jurvneshservice has extensive experience counseling and representing foreign clients in Ukraine’s airline bankruptcies. This experience included those of Aerosvit, Donbassaero, and AirOnix.

Key Contact:

Ganna Tsirat, our leading aviation finance attorney, has completed nearly 100 aircraft acquisition, financing, leasing, and restructuring transactions over the past 15 years. That’s why it’s not surprising that our business aviation law group has loyal clients worldwide.


Thanks to the high level of Jurvneshservice aviation finance services, we have loyal clients worldwide. Among our clients are Boeing, CIT, GE Aviation Services, AerCap, AeroTurbine, Inc., Aircastle, BBAM, Cessna/Textron, Engine Lease Finance Corporation, Macquarie AirFinance, Willis Lease Finance Corporation, Skyworld Aviation Ltd and many others.

In some transactions, Jurvneshservice represented Ukrainian lessees such as AtlasJet Ukraine, SkyUp, and others.

Foreign bank institutions and lenders due to their involvement in aircraft financing applied for Jurvneshservice advice. Among them are American Ex-Im Bank, Erste Group Bank AG, Wells Fargo Bank, PK AirFinance S.A.r.l. and others.


Anna Tsirat reflects her extensive experience in the sector in a variety of publications on aviation topic in known foreign edition, including The Official Guide to Aircraft Registration and Tax 2018, PWSP World Aircraft Repossession Index 2018 Edition, Chapter on Ukraine in Aircraft Financing under gen. ed. G. McBain, Chapter on Ukraine in Aircraft Liens and Detention Rights under gen. ed. G. McBain, Chapter on Ukraine in Getting the Deal Through: Air Transport 2017, Chapter on Ukraine in Getting the Deal Through: Aviation Finance & Leasing 2018, Aviation Finance & Leasing 2019, Chapter on Ukraine in The Aviation Law Review under ed. Sean Gates and the chapter on Aircraft Finance in Ukrainian Law Firms Journal.

Anna Tsirat has issued a monograph on the Unification of Norms in International Private Air Law in Ukrainian in 2018 and many articles in Ukrainian and foreign journals on Cape Town Convention regulation and its implementation in Ukraine, on operators’ liability, on peculiarities of transactions with aviation equipment.

Anna Tsirat is a permanent speaker at international conferences where she reports on aviation liability, insurance, and unification in international private air law.