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Airport & Aviation Attorney Services

The field of aviation law in Ukraine is complex, growing, and ever-changing. That’s why it’s crucial to have an experienced aviation attorney at hand who truly knows the industry in Ukraine. Every time you face legal challenges concerning the operation of aircraft and aircraft facilities, you can’t do without his professional assistance.

Jurvneshservice provides a full range of advice, services, and representation in all aspects of aviation law – 

  • aviation litigation regarding compulsory aircraft and engines repossessions;
  • claims of passengers to air carriers;
  • aircraft financing and leasing;
  • aviation regulation;
  • business aviation;
  • licensing and certification of air carrier operations;
  • representing clients before State Aviation Service of Ukraine and other government agencies in their claims on aviation regulation issues;
  • advice to foreign investors on the issues of airports concession and airline-airport use agreements, rental car facility agreements, fuel system lease agreements, management agreements, rental car lease and concession agreements, and other ground transportation agreements;
  • represent and advise buyers and sellers in aircraft sales and lease transactions, including providing counsel on matters of Cape Town Convention and UAA recording and registration;
  • counseling concerning aviation liens, and record and registration with Ukraine Aviation Authorities.

Professional aviation attorney services are not the only ones Jurvneshservice offers. In addition to counseling clients on aviation matters, we also guide on operational issues that are common to every business, including:

  • antitrust issues
  • contracts
  • imports/exports
  • bankruptcy and restructuring
  • insurance
  • intellectual-property
  • labor and employment
  • sales and purchases
  • tax
  • privatization.

Our aviation law experts represent investors, airlines, charter operators, aircraft and engine lessors and lessees, and lenders. We regularly assist aviation clients with transactional, regulatory, and litigation matters associated with their operations in Ukraine.