Chapter AFL20

Aviation Finance & Leasing 2020 in Ukraine

A chapter on Aviation Law 2020 – Ukraine written by Dr. Anna Tsirat has been published by the International Comparative Legal Guide: Aviation Finance & Leasing 2020.

Dr. Anna Tsirat has participated in the edition for the first time while the International Comparative Legal Guide itself first published answers and questions in the sphere of aviation finance and leasing. As the main idea of the publication is to assist foreign lessors and financiers to orient in the legal requirements in Ukraine it describes typical structures available for financing the purchase of an aircraft, their advantages and disadvantages, types of leasing used in Ukraine, planned amendments to the law due to ratification of the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent BEPS and other issues that are typically discussed in aviation field in connection with aircraft financing.

The chapter is useful today due to numerous questions concerned aircraft repossession as coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic may negatively affect the Ukrainian airlines in which fleet are leased from foreign lessors.