Обговорення інтелектуальної власності

Problems of a specialized court on intellectual property issues

On March 22 the Intellectual Property Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association arranged a meeting with the working group of Queen Mary University of London project to provide Ukraine with technical assistance in setting up a specialized intellectual property court.

The meeting was held in the form of a roundtable, attended by practicing lawyers, candidates for a post of judges of the specialized intellectual property court, and intellectual property experts. Kateryna Tsirat from Jurvneshservice joined the discussion as well, as one of the “old” practices in the field of intellectual property within the framework of Jurvneshservice is franchising, the first-rate specialist in which is Anna Tsirat.

During the meeting various issues were discussed, namely, the problem of impartiality and independence of judges in the view of the fact that both instances of the specialized intellectual property court will be located in the same building; the well-balanced number of judges, that should take into account the average number of cases on intellectual property issues, as well as a polemical issue regarding the justification of the location of all judges of the specialized intellectual property court in Kyiv.