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Övünç_Horasan_AtlasJet_testimonial aviation field

AtlasJet Ukraine

CEO, Övünç Horasan
We are very pleased to work with Jurvneshservice Law Firm since our company establishment in Ukraine in 2013. We were recommended Jurvneshservice as a strong legal company for consultancy in the aviation field, and after that we had cooperation not only in terms of our field activities, but other areas supporting our business in Ukraine, such as corporate, antitrust, administrative and day to day consultancies achieving for best solutions. We are very confident in our cooperation due to Jurvneshservice perfect qualification, timely performance and result oriented approach.

Altum Air, Inc.

CEO, Ehud (Udi) Levin
Después de una muy buena recomendación por parte de un abogado de muy alta reputación de los Estados Unidos, contrate al equipo de abogados de JVS Attorney Counsellors encabezado por la abogada Dr. Anna Tsirat y su equipo para representar a nuestra compañía en un caso judicial difícil en las cortes de Kiev – Ucrania, el cual aún sigue su proceso legal. Aunque dicho proceso todavía continua, me gustaría agradecer al equipo abogados de la mencionada oficina por la manera en el que llevan el proceso judicial, el cual pensé que era casi imposible y sin muchas esperanzas de ganar. La abogada Dr. Anna Tsirat con la ayuda y cooperación de la abogada Katerina Tsirat han realizado un trabajo de investigación en profundidad del tema que al cabo dio lugar a evidencias que demostraron ser realistas y sabias. Todos sus argumentos siempre se basan en hechos y precedentes sólidos y en una capacidad clara de expresión para la exposición de cada uno de ellos. Además de sus impresionante profesionalismo, me gustaría señalar su integridad y honestidad, que las cuales son invaluables.
alla smarg lala english

TM Lala English

Owner, Alla Smarzh
Interaction with Ganna Tsirat has been permeated with reliability and confidence that all ideas have right to life and realization. Draft of franchising agreements is not easy process. A lot of nuance and detail. Ganna Tsirat always supported, corrected and even coached, though she maybe did not understand it. I am grateful for the approach, patience and willingness to help, not just perform the work. If you want to have a well-organized relationship with your partners or clients, then Ganna Tsirat will be of help to you.

Joint Stock Company Bolshevik-PAKy

Chairman of the Board, G. V. Babitsky
Joint Stock Company Bolshevik-PAK has been cooperating with the company Jurvneshservice since May 2000. During this period, the company's specialists have repeatedly represented the interests of Bolshevik-PACK in courts with claims against the tax inspectorate. Despite the complexity and originality of the situations that arose, decisions on all claims were made in our favor. We are fully satisfied with the work with Jurvneshservice and can recommend it as a reliable and competent partner.

Joint Stock Company Dneprospetsstal

Marketing director, A.S. Yatsenko
Cooperation of Joint Stock Company Dneprospetsstal and Law Firm Jurvneshservice has been continuing since 1997. We consider the lawyers of your company as highly skilled experts who provide qualified legal assistance in matters of foreign economic relations. We hope for further cooperation!

Vinnitsa plant “Crystal”

Deputy CEO, A. A. Zhabkin
Law firm Jurvneshservice represented the interests of the Vinnytsia plant "Crystal" in a number of court cases.

In particular, our interests were represented in the international arbitration process, held at the claim of the Macedonian company against our factory and considered by the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the protection provided by Gennadii Tsirat, the claim was only partially satisfied.

Subsequently, in the execution of the award in Ukraine against our plant, we again turned for the assistance of Jurvneshservice. Thanks to the defense tactics chosen by the lawyers of Jurvneshservice, the execution of the foreign award of the ICAC at the RF CCI was denied.

The lawyers of Jurvneshservice and, in particular, Ganna Tsirat elaborated defense strategy in another legal case which concerned to alleged copyright infringement by Vinnytsia plant “Crystal”. This case was also successfully won.

We should note the high level of professional advice of Jurvneshservice lawyers that allow them to protect the interests of their clients.


Director, Leonov O. V.
The limited liability company "INFOX" has been used Jurvneshservice services for more than three years. We have repeatedly turned to Jurvneshservice for help in solving the problem issues of foreign economic activity, as well as in resolving disputes with the customs authorities. In all cases, when we applied for legal assistance, the lawyers of Jurvneshservice provided qualified consultations and defended the interests of LLC "INFOKS" in solving complex issues of economic activity.

SP Chestnut Petroleum Ltd

Director General, L.P. Kuzmanenko
The joint Ukrainian-Canadian company "Chestnut Petroleum Ltd" would like to thank your law firm Jurvneshservice for the active cooperation that has been going on for us for a year. I am very pleased that Jurvneshservice helped us to solve the most complex issues of the life of the enterprise and protect its interests. Since June 1999, the law firm Jurvneshservice has provided us with a number of multi-faceted consultations on particularly complex issues related to the foreign economic activity of the joint venture, which helped us more carefully and expediently to plan the development strategy and daily tactics of the enterprise. Jurvneshservice legal assistance in resolving our business disputes deserves special respect. All court cases in which we instructed Jurvneshservice to represent the interests of our joint venture, including the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, courts of cassation, namely the Kyiv City Court and the Supreme Court of Ukraine, were prepared and carried out impeccably and resolved by the courts on the benefit of our company, which is the undisputed confirmation of the highest qualification of Jurvneshservice. We have always been very pleased to work with Jurvneshservice and we consider its advice in the areas of risk analysis and modeling, organization and planning of conciliation procedures in economic and commercial disputes, preparation of special contractual documents, and others. The work of Jurvneshservice with foreign partners of the joint venture is also highly appreciated. We sincerely hope that in the future our cooperation will only expand and deepen on a permanent and mutually beneficial basis.